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Coke, IoT, and The IoT Security Certificate

Sept. 22, 2020
The march toward the connected device world may seem unstoppable...but a serious problem may be waiting in the wings.

From wanting a cold can of Coke, to discovering the Internet of Things, to IoT security certificate issues, it has come to light there could be a problem? IoT security certificates are like an identity card or passport, it is there to make sure the device it is directing is what it is believed to be. A website or device has more than one authority and more than one IoT security certificate, generally three.

These certificates together form what is called a chain of trust and anyone familiar with a website running HTTPS, for example, would know that their security certificate regularly needs to be updated. As of September 2020, the longest lifetime for such a certificate will be one year meaning that website owners will need to update their certificates at least annually.

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