Procurement’s Shifting Priorities for 2021 (.PDF Download)

Nov. 25, 2020
Deloitte’s new 2020 CPO Flash Survey highlights the top 10 changes that procurement teams are making to manage current disruptions and prepare for the coming year.

As procurement departments prepare themselves to thrive in the “next normal,” most CPOs (80%) believe that the period of rapid response to maintain supply continuity has passed (or, that it will end soon). According to Deloitte’s new “2020 Chief Procurement Officer Flash Survey,” 64% of CPOs have shifted from defense to offense by focusing on adapting their supply chains to thrive in the “next normal.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created a ‘black swan’ environment for organizations to navigate,” Deloitte explains, “requiring many to rethink the supply chains they have built over decades.” Procurement leaders that are working through these uncertainties and positioning their teams for success in the near and long term are focused on these 10 key shifts: