Market Moves: Supply Chain - Feb 15th, 2024
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February 15, 2024
From the Editor

Hello and welcome back to Market Moves Supply Chain!

Sustainability is on every organization’s radar. Below, find the latest sustainability trends and learn how to secure decarbonization throughout one’s supply chain.

Of course, sustainability initiatives impact transportation firsthand, though according to recent reports from FTR and ACT Research this has not slowed fleet equipment purchases to start the year. However, new transportation equipment isn’t the only tactic being deployed to gain efficiencies in shipping as optimization strategies are also evolving into new territory.

With the recent supply chain disruptions of 2024, the future may entail rough waters. Supply chain visibility technology is quickly gaining influence as it allows for improvements in planning, forecasting and logistics while such activities become more complex. Data, automation and diversification seem likely to contribute to the solution in major ways.

—Tyler Fussner

A monthly roundup of recent supply chain sustainability news and trends.

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Class 8 order activity remains at a "high level" to start 2024, with preliminary counts from FTR and ACT Research showing increases compared to 2023 despite a sluggish freight economy.
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The end of 2023 brought a glimmer of hope, but caution prevails.
Strengthening inventory systems within the supply chain in order to respond to demand spikes is an emphasis
There are ways to improve visibility even as planning, forecasting and logistics become more complex.
As automation becomes more accessible the market will grow, says ABI Research.
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