Digital Transformation In The Electronics Industry

From the Book: Digital Transformation in the Electronics Industry

May 16, 2023
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As the electronics industry continues to embrace digital transformation, it can be challenging to guide an organization through significant changes. In this video, we share tips and recommendations to kick-start and manage extensive digital transformation projects and discuss the key takeaways for successfully undertaking such initiatives. The video emphasizes the importance of approaching digital transformation methodically, focusing on improving business processes.

Recommendations include starting with a known pain point or friction spot in the organization, measuring the baseline metrics to understand the current state of the process, and then tracking progress throughout the transformation. This approach ensures that the digital tools employed align to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The discussion also highlights the significance of having well-defined and understood metrics before embarking on a digital transformation project. With clear metrics, the project can avoid drifting off course or producing unintended outcomes. Establishing these metrics at the beginning of the project helps maintain focus and sets a clear path for the entire transformation journey.

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